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Colors Of Nantucket

The dappled light, the blazing pink sunsets and the ever changing colors of the sea. There are so many beautiful colors to be inspired by but for our FW Collection, we had to narrow it down to a few.

Elyse Maguire_beach rose_blog


Unlike the prim and proper roses of an English garden, these just seem a but more free spirited. They grow in the unlikely sand making their bright pink color even more beautiful.

Elyse Maguire_hydrangea_blog


It would be hard to ignore the amazing hydrangeas that can be seen all over the Cape. The blue are our favorites. It's the mineral content in the soil of the East Coast that gives them their blue shade.

Elyse Maguire_buoy blue_blog


This bright, attention grabbing blue that can be seen in every harbor. Just like the nautical flags and buoys that signal to ships, we love how this color makes a statement as well.

Elyse Maguire_golden grass_blog


Summer may have hydrangeas but fall has it's highlights too. Like the sight of golden grass lit with sunshine and blowing in the sea air. We love how it looks set against bright blue water.

Elyse Maguire_Lighthouse red_blog


There is just something about a red lighthouse. The way it pops out against the bright blue sky on a summer afternoon and shines through on foggy winter days.

Elyse Maguire_sea glass_blog


There is nothing more dreamy and ethereal than the color of sea glass. This color seems to be as calming as a day by the beach. We've chosen a hand-dyed version for our collection that has depth and variety just like any good sea glass collection.

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