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Summer Like A Cape Coddah

The days of summer are numbered. Here's a guide to our favorite spots so you can make the most out of every sunny day and blazing sunset.

Elyse Maguire_wellfleet_blog


A local favorite for surfers, White Crest beach has great waves and breathtaking views. Swim, jump waves or sunbathe. Just save some energy to make the climb back up the sandy dune. Once your summit is complete celebrate with a stop by Winslow's patio for happy hour. The baked oysters are a must.

Elyse Maguire_wellfleet drive-in_blog


This drive-in theater in Wellfleet is straight out of the 50s. Just pull your vintage Thunderbird (or SUV) up to a speaker and wait for show time. Movies start after sundown, plenty of time to pop the back hatch, get cozy and grab some popcorn. Our other flick pick is The Chatham Orpheum. This small theater in downtown Chatham offers the latest releases and screenings of the Cape Cod filmed classic Jaws.

Elyse Maguire_hangar b_blog


Chatham, MA

Breakfast at the airport, yes the airport. Hangar B is one of our favorite breakfasts in town. On a clear day, you can eat then take a bi-plane ride and see Cape Cod from above. Highlights include spotting hundreds of sunbathing seals at Monomoy point.

Elyse Maguire_Mac's seafood_blog


Wellfleet, MA

Forget a fancy restaurant - This is the best way to enjoy lobster. We suggest the location by the pier. Grab a lobster roll and enjoy it at a picnic table around the side with an ocean view. When the seafood is this fresh, you don't need a white tablecloth.

Elyse Maguire_Cisco Brewers_blog


Nantucket, MA

What sounds better than a cold beer on a hot August day? Especially if it's a home-grown brewery on Nantucket. Go there for happy hour and enjoy a Grey Lady beer or Noreaster Bourbon at a picnic table and decide which food truck to sample from.

Elyse Maguire_Fisherman's daughter_blog


Chatham, MA

It's not just a charming name, the owner really is the daughter of a commercial fisherman. Be sure to check out her hand-designed silkscreen t-shirts as well as curated items from local cape artisans.

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