New Fall Collection
Fall Accessory Trends 2018: Luxury Scarves and Designer Knitwear

Saying goodbye to summer on the Cape is never easy. But the excitement of a new season, and a new collection of cozy scarves can help ease the transition. Read more below about our fall collection inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s autumn walks along the coastline of Cape Cod.

Best Fall Accessory Trends 2018: Luxury Scarves and Knitwear

Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorite writers, poets and naturalists. I swam in Walden Pond when I was a child and have always kept a well-worn copy of something Thoreau nearby. I was really interested to learn that Thoreau was also intrigued by and drawn to Cape Cod. So much so, that he wrote the book, “Cape Cod”, where he details his four walks along the coastline of the Cape between 1849 and 1857.

Best Fall Accessory Trends 2018: Designer Scarves and Knitwear

When designing our Fall '18 Collection, I was fascinated with the thought of Thoreau and the inspiring sights he would have come across on his autumn walks. From all accounts, Thoreau was prepared with the perfect fall wardrobe: a topcoat over a three-piece suit and a hat with a special shelf for stashing plant and flower specimens found along his walks. Well, a perfect fall wardrobe for the 1850s – I’d prefer a cozy baby alpaca scarf, jeans and some L.L. Bean boots.

Best Fall Accessory Trends 2018: High-End Scarves and Knitwear

Thoreau was a fan of Cape Cod being especially drawn to the tension of the water and the coastline – the beauty and power of the coast. The ocean is an endless source of interest for me as well. The knit pattern for our Thoreau Collection is a poetic reinvention of the classic nautical stripe – organic lines inspired by light reflecting off of water. The colors are pulled from the Cape's landscape in fall, the soft color of grey cedar in the fog, ripe berries during the cranberry harvest and classic harbor blue.

Best Fall Accessory Trends 2018: Luxe Scarves and Knitwear

While it’s bittersweet to let go of the farmer’s market tomatoes and lazy days at the beach, I’m also excited for cooler temps and layering up for some long fall walks. I think the following words of Thoreau are an inspiring way to say goodbye to summer and move into this new season: “Most persons visit the seaside in warm weather... But I suspect fall is the best season... when the landscape wears its autumnal tints... that I am convinced this is the best time to visit this shore... the thoughtful days begin, and we can walk anywhere with profit.” You can see the entire Thoreau scarf Collection here.

September 10, 2018 — Elyse Maguire