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How to make a knot wall

I’ve always been a big fan of macramé and lately I’ve been obsessed with oversized, chunky macramé. I jumped on the opportunity to create a unique backdrop for my pop-up retail space at the Renegade Craft Show. It’s really so easy to create I wanted to share the process!

How to Tie a Knot Wall Sketch


I started with a sketch of the basic design I wanted and also to get an idea of the dimensions. I wanted the backdrop to cover a space that was 8 feet long by 4 feet high.

What You Will Need To Tie a Knot Wall


Rope, Wood Dowel, Scissors. I went to my local hardware store and bought 400 feet of 3/8” thick cotton rope. For the support you can use a wood dowel, copper pipe or fallen tree branch if you prefer!

How to Make a Knot Wall Instructions


1. Start by the rope into sections 2x the length of your final backdrop height. 2. Take 2 sections of rope and loop around the rod. Repeat with new sections until you get the width you want. 3. Time to start knotting! I chose a figure eight knot like the one's on my Signature Little Knotty Scarves, but you can use any knot you like. Tie a knot in each section and repeat as you work your way to the right.

How to Make a Knot Wall Directions


Move to the row below and tie another knot using one rope from the left and one from the right. Keep knotting as you work your way to the right. Repeat as you work your way down. The knots are pretty large, so in no time you’ll have your very own knot wall. For special commissions, reach out to me:

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