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I'm very excited to share the launch of our new candle line. There’s no better way to conjure memories and create a mood than scents, so I created 12 different fragrances each inspired by the simple pleasures of every month on the Cape. Shop the 12 votive set

Elyse Maguire_January Fireside_blog

January Fireside

Cozy, warming dark cedar and smoke

Come in from the cold and breathe in the warm smell of dark cedar and smoke while you cozy up with a classic book by the fire: "Call me Ishmael..."

Elyse Maguire_February Fog_blog

February Fog

A mist of citrus, jasmine and salt air

A mist of citrus, jasmine and salt air urges you to settle in. Think Sundays with the newspaper, where your calendar is emptier than a beach in February.

Elyse Maguire_March Driftwood_blog

March Driftwood

Earthy amber, cedar and sandalwood

A soothing blend of earthy amber, cedar and sandalwood. Like a bundled up March beach walk on the hunt for rocks, driftwood and peace of mind.

Elyse Maguire_April Gingham_blog

April Gingham

Just laundered cotton drying in the breeze

Put away the wool coat and pull out something lighter. This scent of just laundered cotton drying in the breeze is a nod to the beautiful, simplicity of spring.

Elyse Maguire_May Bloom_blog

May Bloom

Soft beach rose and delicate spring jasmine

The flowers by the sea explode in stunning colors and the scent: Soft beach rose and delicate spring jasmine is sure to inspire a daydream or two.

Elyse Maguire_June sunset_blog

June Sunset

Bright, invigorating lemon and verbena

There’s a magic hour, when you grab your bike, and race to catch the sunset. The smell of verbena is alive and invigorating. Good thing, because last one there buys oysters.

Elyse Maguire_July Roadster_blog

July Roadster

Sexy sandalwood mingles with salty air

My first love drove a blue roadster, passing by every day on his way to beach. I’ll never forget when he offered me a ride, the smell of Sexy sandalwood mingling with salt air.

Elyse Maguire_August Brunch_blog

August Brunch

Delicious sun-warmed citrus and vanilla

In August: we brunch. There’s the blissful pitcher of mimosas and a long leisurely meal at an even longer farm table. Let’s unwind and ask life’s big questions: nap or beach?

Elyse Maguire_September Promise_blog

September Promise

Fig, green grass and a fleeting hint of violet

In September, we vow to savor every moment. I promise to enjoy every fleeting bloom, to make one last trip to the farmer’s market and catch every sunset.  I do, I do, I do.

Elyse Maguire_October Dune_blog

October Dune

Shimmering citrus, water lily and sea grass

Cooler air, smaller crowds and the serene scent of shimmering citrus, water lily and sea grass. Grab a sweater, pick a sand dune and watch the waves roll in.

Elyse Maguire_November Trail_blog

November Trail

Wooded trails filled with fresh ocean air

Inspired by a weekend on the coast and bike rides breathing in the smell of cedar and cool sea air. Reminds us of flushed cheeks and long winding trails.

Elyse Maguire_December Peace_blog

December Peace

Crisp and familiar, bayberry and fresh pine

The great outdoors comes in with crisp and familiar freshly cut pine. Add some strung lights, family, friends and a roaring fire = peace on earth.

November 06, 2017 — Elyse Maguire