In these times, I wish I were a nurse or a doctor or a scientist. Unfortunately, I don’t have a medical degree or any clue about microbiology. I make scarves…and what I do have is a new delivery of wraps. Not just any wraps, these are Marconi HUG wraps and they have a Morse Code dot and dash design that spells “HUG”. Four weeks ago, the plan was to send some of these wraps to social media influencers. But right now, the real influencers are health care workers on the front lines keeping our communities healthy. No one needs a hug right now more than they do.

Please nominate a healthcare worker and tell us in the message below how they’ve gone above and beyond. We’ll be choosing one name each Thursday to send a HUG wrap to along with a huge, heartfelt thank you. It’s not a million face masks or a vaccine it’s a simple hug. But sometimes, even heroes need hugs.

Please leave your name and e-mail address as the contact and we'll be in touch when we pick the next hero.


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