Cashmere Winter Scarves for Women- Designer Accessories
Winter is an amazing time of year. I love the first snowfall, the smell of fresh pine and snuggling under a blanket by the fire. But winter can also test any good-natured persons patience: Snow in your boots, sub-zero wind chills and of course those Nor’easters. I had a friend, who over the course of a long winter spent so many days reaching for her black puffer coat that she named it “Sarah Jessica Parka,” just so she could crack a smile. Sometimes, it’s those little things that make all the difference. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at our new little luxury for surviving winter.

Best Winter Scarves - Cashmere - Designer Women's Accessories

When developing the Little Knotty scarf we heard from a lot of people that their neck areas are very sensitive and they could only have certain fibers close to their neck. It seemed like a perfect fit to introduce a cashmere version of our signature scarf - the ultimate softness and little luxury for winter.

High-End Winter Scarves - Cashmere - Designer Women’s Accessories

We experimented with many different grades and gauges of cashmere to find a combination that was both soft and plush, yet lightweight and warm. The result? You get that legendary softness and warmth at the neck without all the bulk.

Best Winter Scarves - Cashmere - Designer Accessories for Women

After each Little Knotty is knit, then it’s time to add the details! Long strands of cashmere yarn are tied into two figure-8 knots. Our knot closure is not only the inspiration for the name “Little Knotty” but this is what makes these scarves so wearable. The closure means no twisting or tying necessary. Simply button at the back for the ideal drape and cozy warmth.

We’ve sourced natural Troca shell buttons for each scarf. These buttons have a lustrous finish and beautiful natural variations between each one.

Best Winter Scarves - Cashmere - Designer Accessories for Women

Since the beginning, every Little Knotty has had a row of hand-knotted fringe. I especially love how the cashmere fringe has a wispy, light as air quality.

Just like a hot coffee to warm your hands or a friendly neighbor who shovels your driveway, we hope you enjoy this little winter luxury for years to come.
October 25, 2018 — Elyse Maguire